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5 years ago

Issue with creating a documentation when using re-usable enums

My yaml file looks like this

openapi: 3.0.2
      type: string
        - Unknown
        - Afghanistan
        - Albania
        - Algeria
        - AmericanSamoa
        - "\u00c5landIslands"
        - NotOtherwiseSpecified

 , when I compile it it creates the java classes correctly, however is not creating the documentation, just gives me:

GeopoliticalAffiliation -

and nothing more is displayed for that praticular scheme. For the other schemes enum options are displayed, etc.
Can you help me with this problem? Is this an issue of swagger or I am mistaken somehwere.The example in the swagger website and my code are following the same rules:

P.S. I tought the problem is comming because of the special caracter, but is not. I tried without that specific enum entry and also I have another similar way reusable enum that behaves the same way.