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8 years ago

Is the Swaggerhub site not working on Chrome Android?

I can't seem to get my API, or even the site to load on my new Galaxy S7. It just shows a blue background.


Is this a known issue?

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  • Just tried loading it in my own Android phone in Chrome it and loaded properly. Which version of Chrome to do you have installed?

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      Google Chrome 51.0.2704.81

      OS Android 6.0.1;

      User Agent Mozilla/5.0

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        Hi josebrwn,


        Its not a known issue, so thanks for taking the time to shout out about it.

        Unfortunately, our browser emulator tools don't have the S7.

        So I'll have to wait for someone with the physical device to test it. Since it doesn't seem to be Chrome 51/Android 6.0.1 ( tested that on our mobiles)


        Talk soon,