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5 months ago

2 way sync with stoplight repo & internal app code repos?

Originally posted by user maneetulti to the Stoplight Community on 01/03/2023 at 22:03 ET.

Howdy All,

Our stoplight instance to its own gitlab repo.
And we have 3-4 GitLab projects (in NodeJS) where actuall app development is done. 


  • API designers commit any changes into stoplight-gitlab repo.
  • These API first designs are referred to by BE dev and implement the same in nodejs-gitlab repos
  • And during dev sprints, devs can change endpoints in nodejs-gitlab repos


  • When Devs change api schemas etc in nodejs-gitlab repos. They need to remember and manually do the change in stoplight-gitlab repo to commit the latest
  • And at times, this causes a gap in stoplight api design and apis which are actually built

Wondering, how does other teams/companies address this ?
IS there a 2-way sync approach we can build to solve this problem or are we using stoplight in an ineffective way ?

Keen to know what experts have to say here !

Thanks All

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