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6 years ago

Why Soap Ui Change WSDL EndPoint In Request EndPoint


I'm working with Soap UI. I created a new proyect with a WSDL's endpoint. When SoapUI loads the WSDL's operations, the request endpoint change, from https to http. So, why is happening this? I really don't understand, any idea?



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      Excuse me, I found an strange thing. I really don't know how works.The WSDL's definition is expose throguht HTTPS. But inside, the operations are defined throught HTTP. I attach an image with the WSDL structure. So, I belive that the change that ocurr SOAP UI is because the operations are exposed for HTTP. What is your opinion about this?




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        I couldn't reproduce your problem, but maybe I have not understood.


        I modified the SoapUI tutorial WSDL to have an https endpoint (see attached). When I import it into a new project, the endpoint for all the new requests defaults to https as expected.


        Are you importing your WSDL into an existing project? You may only need to Assign the Endpoint to existing Requests and TestRequests. You can do that in the Service Endpoints tab in the Properties view for your Interface.