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8 years ago

Way to donate?

Hi! I use SoapUI free version and love it SOOOOOO much! Unfortunately, I can't afford the Pro version. But I'd still like to contribute to thank you guys for making such a great product and making it available for free. Is there a way I can donate to support the development of the free version?



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    That's definitely a nice thought as nmrao said!


    Aside from money, I would personally say the best ways to donate to SoapUI O/S are:

    • Contribute to the o/s community - you've made a start on that! Adding questions, useful links and answers helps others too. The community is strong and can make you stronger!
    • Find bugs - highlighting bugs helps show where effort is best spent.
    • Identify new features that would benefit the product then log them here SoapUI Feature Requests  
    • Create plugins - if you're interested in this, just ask.
    • Contribute to the product source code directly - this is obviously an advanced way to contribute, but even building the product from source (which is not hard) is a good way to start experimenting and it can also give you access to bug fixes/new features that have not been officially released yet!

    In my personal opinion, if you do a lot of one or more of the above things, then your SoapUI skills will build up, and you then may not need the commercial version of soapui, at least not as much - however, this of course takes time, effort and enthusiasm! :-)


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    Wow! What a nice thought! 


    Many people out there in the community who embraces the free edition like you do. But, IMO, you are the first one to come forward and willing to donate for good cause. That is one of the way to keep the hopes of many, by enabling the free edition active changes such features or bug fixes as we go along. Very nice of you, Creature.


    That shows your admiration to SoapUI product, being appreciative, gratitude, and giving back.