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2 years ago

Unable to send soap request when connected to Corporate VPN



When I try to send a SOAP request through corporate VPN, I am unable to send the request. Also, when I try to import the WSDL it does not allow to import saying cannot find the wsdl defination. It is mandatory for me to be on VPN as I need a LDAP access in the code. Kindly let me know how can I still access the Web Service being on VPN, do I need to add the Web Service somewhere to get access to the service ?



Request you to kindly help me with this

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    Did you try to browse to the WSDL with your (default) webbrowser? It should show the WSDL file, when you're authenticated correctly... if not, then this is probably the issue.

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      Yes I tried to open the WSDL in the browser it seems that WSDL files is loading in the browser even if the VPN is enabled. The WSDL is not hosted in the same server. When I disconnect the VPN it is getting loaded in the SOAPUI, but when I enable VPN it does not seems to load the WSDL for some reason.


      It gives me below error 

      Error loading []: java.lang.Exception: Failed to load url;, 0