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9 years ago

SoapUI Maven Plugin v5.2.2




This is a cross-post from which does not seem to get any more attention from SmartBear.


The issue:

The latest version of SoapUI Maven Plugin published to maven (and also smartbear maven repo, is 5.1.3.

This version does not support the -really important- JsonPath assertion.

From the SoapUI github repository it can be seen that version 5.2.2 is ready, and can be built.


It is understood that SmartBear tries to promote and give more support to SoapUI pro edition and the readyApi suite, but please, do not fail your longtime users and show some respect and support to the community. There projects that due to their size cannot be migrated to readyApi at the moment while need the JsonPath assertions.


Don't get my attitude wrong, but try to understand.

It is really bad to discover broken functionallity when your CI server reports no errors, since it is using a maven plugin that simply ignores this type of assertion.

  • Hi Guys,


    We have uploaded the plugins for 5.2 and 5.2.1.

    Sorry for the inconvinience.

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    Hi Guys,


    We have uploaded the plugins for 5.2 and 5.2.1.

    Sorry for the inconvinience.

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      Tanya, the original question was about v5.2.2 - where is it?
      When I try to reference that with:



      it gives me: The POM for com.smartbear.soapui:soapui-maven-plugin:jar:5.2.2 is missing, no dependency information available

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        5.2.2 is not released yet and therefore hasn't been uploaded to our maven repository. The latest release is 5.2.1.

        The latest version in our GitHub repository is 5.2.2-SNAPSHOT and that is the version used while developing 5.2.2.
        So go with 5.2.1 and you will have the latest released version of SoapUI.

        If you are really eager to try out the latest and greatest you can use 5.2.2-SNAPSHOT, but then you will have to build it yourself first.