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4 years ago

SoapUi Free Version + Data Parameterization + Maven

I have created a simple SoapUi project (without Data parameterization) in SoapUi Open source version. Mavenized it. And I was able to successfully execute the project.


Now, I added data parameterization using Groovy script. Now, i try to execute the same project using maven. I am getting errors.


Is it not possible to mavenize the SoapUi project with groovy script?

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    Hey lmurali,

    Im not best placed to answer this, other forum members will know more, but no ones answered yet, so i'll say what i think.

    So. Never heard that term (although i kinda guessed what it meant) before but according to stackoverflow youve just set it up to build using maven rather than say gradle (can you gradlize as well?)

    Anyway. Does mavenizing make any changes to the soapui project.xml? I don't think so (but thats a guess on my part). Logically, if it doesnt make changes to the project.xml file it shouldnt make any difference when it gets executed.

    I suspect your groovy script errors have nothing to do with automating the build process with maven, although this is a guess on my part, but to confirm, what happens when you execute the project manually (without adding to CI to execute)? Do you still get errors? That'll at least point towards the cause.

    If you get errors running the project manually it'll be problems with your groovy most likely. Can you publish your groovy so we can see it?