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9 years ago

Please gives us back decent borders

I let SOAPUI upgrade from 5.0 to 5.2 to be greeted by the new ugly flat interface:

Tastes differ, OK, but you threw away functionality (only because you wanted to conform to what 'everybody' else is doing?):


White overlapping windows on a white background with a one-pixel lightgray border - how dare you!


- A lot of contrast and distinguishing color is gone - the new interface requires much more attention to find things


- And try to resize a window now - I waste seconds each time trying to get the mouse cursor to change into the drawing angle. On a side you eventually succcees, but then try a corner!


This is horrible. At least gives us borders back that can be 'grabbed'.




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    yes please, its really hard to drag on that 1 pixel border.


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    I agree. The new borders are too thin and difficult to grab and resize. The flat interface is ugly, too.

  • The only one thing that I do not like in SoapUI :) It is impossible to grab border even corner is 1 pixel width

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      This is a huge problem for me. I'm constantly switching between tests, and the inability to easily resize windows is a huge drag in productivity -- not just in time wasted trying to grab a corner of a window, but in that the frustration it causes is enough to distract me and cause me to lose my train of thought. 


      PLEASE fix the borders.

  • May I add my voice to this request also? I find SoapUI such a useful test tool, but I now tense up when I have to re-size a request panel; it is so difficult to grab an edge or a corner. I wonder, how can the developers of the product bear to use it like this?


    I am using version 5.2.1. As I write, the current downloadable is at version 5.3.0. Has this UX problem has been addressed in the latest version? If so, then I shall say thank you, download it and shut up.


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      The thing is... the SoapUI Developer do not work with the Open Source Edition.


      You know SoapUI Pro? This is where they get their salary from.

      I trial tested SoapUI Pro and as i excpected... there are no 1 pixel borders... because there are no borders at all.

      You can not open multiple Windows in SoapUI Pro as far as my Communication with the Sales Support was.


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    Hi james. This is fixed in the new version.

    I have to correct the multiple window assumption in the pro version.
    A colleague showed me that it is possible to get multiple windows.
    Its a checkbox in gui settings