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6 years ago

Persistent SSL/TLS connections for SOAP web service load testing?

Greetings all,


I have been endeavoring to set up a load test for a Mutual-TLS-enabled SOAP web service. My client certificate is set up and functioning as expected. I created a brand new Test Suite, with a single Test Case, which contains 3 steps (some Groovy and two SOAP calls) and a single Test Case with a single Load Test with all the defaults (5 threads, 60 seconds, etc.)


I'm getting absolutely awful performance, mainly because SoapUI keeps setting up and tearing down a brand new TLS connection for each thread & iteration of the Test Case (incuring the overhead of a TLS handshake each and every time). 


I've checked "Maintain HTTP Session" at the Test Case level, but seemingly with no effect.


Any thoughts on what the issue might be?





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