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10 years ago

Multiple Endpoints in same Test Suite



I am facing a problem while running the tests using command line. 


My test structure is as follows:

Endpoints: EndPoint_1, EndPoint_2 and EndPoint_3 



TestSuite 1

TestCase_1 with EndPoint_1 

TestCase_2 with EndPoint_1

TestCase_3 with EndPoint_1


TestSuite 2 

TestCase_1 with EndPoint_1 

TestCase_2 with EndPoint_2

TestCase_3 with EndPoint_3


So, with this setup how to run all the test suites using command line testrunner ?

I am using SoapUI Open Source. I am new to SoapUI, so please let me know if you want more information on this. 



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      You can use a property file, say to define all the properties that you needed. Use these properties as endpoints in your suites.

      And this properties needs to be in the same place where you invoke the test runner, and those gets loaded automatically.

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        Hi Rao


        Thanks for your Reply. I am using project custom properties to store all the three endpoints. Are you talking about the project custom properties only or something else ( 


        Could you give a small example, if it is something else like


        And the commad is - testrunner.bat -e${#Project#Endpoint1} -r -f"SomeResultLocation" -i Project.xml

        Here I can provide only one endpoint i.e. ${#Project#Endpoint1} (As per my understading), but as mentioned in test structure, my test requires three different endpoints. 

        I tried with "testrunner.bat -e${#Project#Endpoint1} -e -e${#Project#Endpoint2} -r -f"SomeResultLocation" -i Project.xml" too but no luck.