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7 years ago

In SOAP How to transfer multiple values (Property Transfer with multiple values) to one Request

In SOAP  i have Property transfer with different property values (Having multiple Source but same Target).


But if i run my Target Request then its taking only one Property value which runs at the end in Property Transfer list. Due to this i am unable to run my Request with multiple Property Values. 


So Is there any solution to transfer multiple values to One Request and then Run Request for all those values ?



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  • Unfortunately, with Property Transfer, you have to add one property for each instance. It does not provide multiple property transfers in a single instance.


    The other option is to add the node value as follows in your target request body.





    This will directly pick up the value from the previous test step's response everytime .

    It will also eliminate the need of adding Property Transfer step.

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    Sounds like you may have to just do data driven tests