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6 years ago

In a powershell script how do you send the Test complete a routine a parameter

Hello all,

I have a the following powershell snippet: 


$scriptpath = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path
$dir = Split-Path $scriptpath
#go to script path
cd $dir
"My script directory is $dir"
$TestPath = $dir+"\Tests_jeff.csv"
"The test file path is $TestPath"
$LOGPATH="..\Automation Design\Log_MHT\TestExecute_log.log"
$TestExecutePath="C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 12\x64\Bin\TestExecute.exe"
#$Project= "DOH_NYHBE_MAXe_Automation_Project"
$argCount = $args.Count

$tcCreateSummaryFile = Start-Process -FilePath "$TestExecutePath" -ArgumentList "-file `"$ProjectPath`" /run /project:`"DOH_NYHBE_MAXe_Automation_Project`" /u:`"Cust_Events`" /rt:`"createShellSummaryReport`" /exit /SilentMode" -PassThru -Wait


I want to send the test complete/execute routine "createShellSummaryReport" an email address as a parameter.  How is this accoumplished?  Once sent, is the parameter just read as normal withing test complete/execute?



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