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7 years ago

How to modify or replace Request URL in post method


In first step..login post .. i am getting token id and in second step post method where i need to create one record 

so my doubt is first login post i am using "" and in second step post method where need to create one record where i need to add request URL "" 

I am generally using clone Testcase option where i m copying first login test case 

so now i want to modify or replace the new second Request URL


plz guide me





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      Thanks , will see this video

      In my Test Case 1 .. i am right click on test step where select the Add STEP options and select the REST Request then getting one pop up "Specify name for new step" ..then enter Rest request step1 and click on OK button then again get one pop up to "select Rest method to invoke for request"...drop down ...with included login URL ( "")


      So Here if i need to add other Request URL or end point like  ""

      So how i can add this new URL.





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        Are you using ".wadl" or "swagger" definition for your API?