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16 years ago

How to abort TestSuit when TestCase fails

I want to abort/stop execution of TestSuit if one of the testCases fails.
How to get this?

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    sorry, you can't :-( 

    (Please file a feature-request!)

    As a workaround you could create a seperate testsuite/testcase containing a groovy script that runs your testcases "manually" and checks the results as required.


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        In general practice, each test case should be independent.


        SoapUI allows user to configure if the execution to be continued or not if one of the test step fails. However, this feature is not applicable for test suite out-of-the-box. And it confirms to the general practice. And there is no change to this functionality even in the latest version of the software.


        There may be situations, one might have to have dependency on previous tests. In such cases, like it was already answered earlier long back, create a custom script to achieve the desired behaviour.


        The previous post also asks the user to file an enhancement, looks there isn't one. You can file it.