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8 years ago

Hermes config not found on Linux

We are trying to setep automatic regression testing using Jenkins, Maven and Soap UI + HermesJMS.

On Windows we have the following configuration working:


- <project dir.>/soapui-settings.xml


<con:setting id="ToolsSettings@hermesjms">src/test/resources/hermes</con:setting>

   referring to Hermes config dir

- <project dir>/src/test/resources/hermes/lib
  containing all hermes lib jars

- <project dir>/src/test/resources/hermes/hermes-config.xml

- <project dir>/CreateLoanApplication.xml


<con:setting id="ProjectSettings@hermesConfig">src/test/resources/hermes</con:setting>

  referring also to Hermes config dir


- <project dir>/pom.xml
  configuring the maven soap UI plugin:


When we execute the Maven test goal on Windows this runs succesful.


But when we try to run this on Linux via Jenkins then we get the following error:

[SoapUI] An error occured [Session name 'CreateLoanApplication-T-Phase2' does not exist in Hermes configuration or path to Hermes config ( /src/test/resources/hermes )is not valid !!!!]

So it seems that the Hermes config dir can't be found on Linux.

I have tried different alternatives to change the


 to refer directly to the Hermes config dir but nothing was succesful.



I hope somebody from the Community can help.


Kind regards,


Jeroen Landman

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