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3 years ago

Handling of MTOM-based requests


we are testing a SOAP interface of an open source product by using SoapUI. As we saw, and it seams to be the official policy of the product, not only found xs:base64Binary elements but also xs:hexBinary elements are transmitted by using SOAP-attachments. The corresponding specification is speaking only about base64Binary elements:

"Identify within the Original XML Infoset the element information items to be optimized. To be optimized, the characters comprising the [children] of the element information item MUST be in the canonical form of xs:base64Binary (see [XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition]3.2.16 base64Binary) and MUST NOT contain any whitespace characters, preceding, inline with or following the non-whitespace content." (

Is there any possibility to switch off the MTOM-support  for the xs:hexBinary typed elements?

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