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7 years ago

general ideas ( suggestions) for SOAP webservices test scenarios (SoapUI)

Hi everyone,

Im placing this question, because I dont have enough experience with webservices testing. I have been assigned to a project where the SOAP webservices should be tested (so far I worked only as a manual tester participating mostly on UAT projects).

I would like to ask you, whether you have some suggestions or ideas on what can be tried/tested/verified, to check, whether the webservice is working properly. I mean ideas, which are not project dependant, but are general and can be used for every project, where the webservices are tested. In the attachment Im sending an example of a bug (to ilustrate what Im asking you for): When entering the integer value  in the tag <foot:sCountryName>123</foot:sCountryName>, instead of an error, I have received a response, which is obviously not correct.

Im using the SoapUI.


Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks





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