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13 years ago

Fast Infoset

Hi all,
Does anybody if soapUi supports the sending and recieving of soap message using the fast infoset "setting".

I can switch fast infoset on, and see its mime type in the header, however I wish to test that is actually sending messages in fast infoset format,
and from what I can see in the heads, while it tells soapUi it can handle fast infoset, fast info set is not being used.

I am currently using the open source version, but if its a feature of the pro version thats fine, i just need to know if its possible.


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    Well, tried changing the javo opts, but that seems to have no effect....
  • You have set http header of the request "Accept" to "application/fastinfoset". However the response will be in some un-readble binary format.