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4 years ago

Error while working with BizTalk Server in SOAP UI Project


As I am working on one project, I have exposed my schema using WCF service publishing wizard, I don't have client service available right now on send port so I decided to use SOAP UI to create a MOCK service using it. I want to create two request one request which will be calling directly mock service and one which will call the IIS hosted service and will give me response of moc service.

If anyone does this work done before please let me know the solution.

Thank you

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    I found a solution to this, and it works perfectly.
    - Make another copy of the WSDL for which you want to develop a SOAP UI Project and rename it Entity1 and Entity2.
    - Now go to SOAP UI and create a new SOAP project, then click Add WSDL Option and pick Entity1. This will load Entity1's Request into the SOAP UI project, and if you click on Request, it will display you the Expected Request with Element.
    - Now select Generate SOAP MOCK Service from the Request Interface drop-down menu. This will generate the response for that interface.

    - Now, at the top of the request and response, start the MOCK Service by default and point the Request to it, then hit the Run button.
    - This will display the response to that particular request.
    - Open Entity2 in notepad and change the Namespace and root node; in my case, this new service will have the same schema and endpoint. Add this second WSDl to the project and direct it to the correct URL to launch and test it.

    Hope you got solution and i recommend you to go with BizTalk Server Certification to get certified and know more information on BizTalk Server.

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      Actually, SoapUI and the BizTalk app seems to be working just find.  This is the error from the following service that's getting returned.  That's what you have to fix.vidmate w3toys