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9 years ago

Does soapui supports parallel execution, i need to run 8K tests in an hour ?

I have a set of 8K tests which i need to execute using soapui. Currently it takes approx. 6 hrs to execute them. Is there any way to speed up the execution or parallely execute my tests ? My test cases are comprising of REST API requests which are independent of each other.

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    soapui does allow to execute the test cases in parallel.
    Does all 8K cases under a suite or multiple suites?

    Please remember that if there are 100 cases in a sure, 100 cases gets started at a time. It may likely cause to problems such as the machine where sopaui is running can go unresponsive or the application may not able to hand so may request at the same time. I am sure, there might be an option somewhere to control number of threads to start a time in a file such .vmoptions. Please check it out.