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7 years ago

Changing Custom Properties while Runnig TestSuite From Java

Hi Team,


I am running SOAP UI Project from standalone java project which has one  TestSuite with 3 Test cases in which the data is dynamically populated.

When i run the test cases from SOAP UI Tool i added a custom property and assigned the value.

How to do the same while i am running from My Java Code.I tried to get the Project Properties and Set but it is not working.

Please let us know the best option to achieve the same , below is the code snippet.


System.setProperty("soapui.home", "C:\\Program Files\\SmartBear\\ReadyAPI-2.2.0");
// Create a test runner object
SoapUIProTestCaseRunner runner = new SoapUIProTestCaseRunner();
// Specify the path to the project file
// Specify the test suite to run
runner.setTestSuite("TestSuite 1");
// String a[] ={"currencyCode=xxx"};
// runner.setProjectProperties(a);

// Specify the test case to run
// It must be in the test suite specified above

// runner.setEnableUI(true);

// Command the runner to create a printable report


// Start the test run;



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    I notice you're using a SoapUIProTestCaseRunner. I couldn't find documentation about it online (Google's link to wouldn't load).


    Here's how I'd do it in the SoapUI Open Source world - it might give you some things to try:


    import com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.WsdlProject

    WsdlProject project = new WsdlProject("/project.xml")
    project.setPropertyValue("currencyCode", "xxx")

    boolean async = false
    StringToObjectMap context = new StringToObjectMap()
    project.testSuites["TestSuite 1"].testCases["TESTCASE1"].run(context, async)