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8 years ago

Bug importing WSDL

Hi all,


.. Whilst writing this post a 'work-a-round' has been discovered...


I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this issue? 



A WSDL pointing towards a live definition URL which requires basic authentication 



1. Right click the WSDL and click 'Update Definition'

2. Click 'OK'

3. Enter the username and password into the basic authentication window & 'OK'

- The WSDL is successfully updated

4. Exit SoapUi without saving

5. Reopen SoapUi

6. Right click the WSDL and click 'Update Definition'

7. Click 'OK'



Current behaviour:

The basic authentication window in blank, The only way to exit the application is to crash to desktop.



Access: C:\Users\<YourProfile>

Delete: default-soapui-workspace.xml

Reopen SoapUi, you'll have to import your project again.

You can now update the WSDL again.

...Following the 'Steps' section will again break the basic authentication window.


Hope this helps someone else..


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    8 years ago
    Hmm. ok.

    Please see if the below alternative helps:

    Access the wsdl using browser, save a local copy of the same and then import / update wsdl which should avoid (password blank ) problem.

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    Are you stuck or do not have a workaround?
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      Hi nmrao,


      I'm not stuck as the work-a-round specified above allows me to import the WSDL again.

      However, the bug is not solved as I'd have to follow the work around steps every time I want to update the WSDL.

      It is pretty irritating :catsad:, but as long as I save often it isn't too much of an issue.

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        The steps to reproduce says that exit soapui without saving.
        But I would think that you may want to save the after updating the wsdl which is ok, right?