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4 years ago

Best way to get test info

Hello guys! Good morning.

I'm looking for the best way to have a test coverage metric on my company's API, using Ready API/ Soap UI.
The numbers we need are the following divisions: 

  • -> Existent API's endpoints / endpoints used on automated tests
  • -> Existent API's operations / operations used on automated tests

How is the best way to have them?
I'm aware about the coverage test on Ready API, however our developers doesn't use neither WADL specification nor swagger. The Endpoints are added manually on Ready API, consulting the Postman collection they create with all developed endpoints.

I know that I can export the Postman collection to a json file. Can I do the same with Ready API?
Can I export all the added endpoints on my Ready API project and all endpoints under tests (on test cases) somehow, preferably json file? 


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