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9 years ago

Add Soap-Content (XML) in TestStep

Hi there,

I'm trying to add XML-Payload to a TestStep via Java API.

There's no problem with adding "normal" to a wsdl project:


WsdlOperation operation = iface.getOperationByName(operationName);
WsdlRequest request = operation.addNewRequest(requestName);


Now I'm doing this:

TestStepConfig testStepConfig = WsdlTestRequestStepFactory.createConfig(operation, "TestStepConfig");
WsdlTestCase testCase = testSuite.addNewTestCase("TestCase");
WsdlTestStep testStep = testCase.addTestStep(testStepConfig);


But neither testStep nor testCase seem to have any suitable methode to add my payload (like setRequestContent()).


How do I do this?


Thank you very much for your help,