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9 years ago

View tests linked to requirements by release iteration

I have a number of tests which are linked to requirements, these requirements are linked to a release iteration. Is there any way of viewing the tests which have been linked/included in a release? I’m trying to find the best and quickest way for our test team to see which tests need to be run for each iteration of testing and currently can’t see an easy way to do that other than creating a separate test set for each requirement. The problem with this is I cannot link a test set to a requirement nor can I link a requirement to a test set. 


I was hoping we would be able to have the test library tab match the test sets tab as there is a releases section which would give a clear view of tests in our test iterations and allow our testers to run the test from this screen. I want to avoid having to manage the test links to both the requirements and test sets as one may get updated without the other.


Can anyone advise if they have the same problem and how they got around it?

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