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10 years ago

Updating thousands of test cases based on automation results


I've got some automation for an eCommerce site where I am validating 18 data elements (each is a test case) for ~750 products (each is a test set containing the 18 test cases). This ends up being ~13500 test cases to update after each run. What they've done in the past is to load an Excel sheet with the data and use an app someone wrote that uses the ALM Web Services to update the cases with the Excel sheet as input.

After completing a run, I set all the test cases in the Excel sheet to Pass and then mark the failures as needed. The problem is if the run passes at 75%, I still have to update over 3000 rows in the sheet which takes hours. Then I kick off the update tool and it can take many hours to days to complete the update. Updates that fail need to be rerun through the tool taking additional time.

I've thought about and tried many other things but I'm trying to keep the wall of text short...

So... I'm hoping someone out there has found a more efficient way to do something like this. I'm open to just about anything... restructuring my test cases or sets, etc. From what I've seen, there is no other way to update test sets except through the web services and UI.



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  • Hi, good news! We are planning on releasing some great new functionality within QAComplete that should I believe would solve this problem without having to deal with your TestComplete results in a spreadsheet or via Webservices. It should save you a ton of time. I don't have full visibility into the release schedule, but somewhere in the second half of the summer.

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      I have a test suite that runs several tests. I want to update the results of each of the individual test cases that are present in QA Complete based on the automation run results.


      I believe that there is an API call that should be able to get this done.


      Any information regarding this would be very helpful as I need to get this done ASAP.