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9 years ago

Test Set Assignment and Management



Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to assign test sets and manage the work?  I've watched various videos and read through the docs but I'm not finding the info I need.  I've entered support tickets and called Smartbear as well so, I've certainly been trying to get the info I need before posting here.

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    So here's what I did.  


    1. Assign a test set to a team member
    2. Create an agile task an use the task name field to paste in the test set folder name so that a team member can locate the test set as there is no linking support from agile task to test sets (why?)
    3. I added a custom field to include the test set ID in the agile task
    4. After that I realized that there doesn't appear to be a way to customize what is displayed on the agile cards so in addition to #3 I also appended to the task name the test set ID so that team members could copy and search for it for faster locating.