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14 years ago

Software Planner and JIRA Integration


can I install the swpSync tool for the JIRA Integration on the SoftwarePlanner Server ?

What will happen with the SQL Server Compact edition that is automatically installed by the tool ? Any issue with the SQL Exress server already installed for SoftwarePlanner DB.

Note: The JIRA server runs on a linux machine so I cannot install on it.


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  • You should be able to install it on your Software Planner server without any issues.  Just a note: we do have 2 different editions of our JIRA sync. The version you are looking at is the one we created here at SmartBear (and it should work fine for you).  We recently began partnering with OpsHub and they have a different version of JIRA integration and it does also work with Linux.  If you are more interested in that version, download it here:

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    thanks for the reply.

    I've started installed it but get stuck with the configuration where we have to map the fields between JIRA and SoftwarePlanner.

    When I try the click on InternalFieldName , I get an error. See attachment.

    Our JIRA server has been configured to support only https request. Maybe this is the problem? Does swpSync.NET support https ?

  • Hi Gaetan,

    I am checking with our development team to see if they know if the https could be causing it, I will let you know once I found out. 
  • Hi Gaetan,

    I spoke with our development team and here is what they said:

    This error (HTTP status 404: Not found) occurs if the incorrect SoftwarePlanner psWS service address (option psWSWebReferenceUrl).

    So check to ensure that you are using the correct URL for the webservice address.   If you continue having issues, please enter a suppor ticket at and we can have one of our support engineers setup a Goto Meeting with you to try to help you diagnose any issues.  Thanks!

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    Hello Steve.

    I've opened a ticket.

  • Hello, the video shows test cases etc being linked to a story. Can it go the other way?

    Can I fail a test in QAComplete and create a bug in Jira  from there?