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14 years ago

Reporting on test cases that are 'Passed' but have previously 'Failed'

Is it possible to report on test cases that are 'Passed' but have previously 'Failed'?

I'd like to produce a summary of the test cases for a project folder that are passed, but failed at some point.  Can this be done?


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  • Hi Andrew -

    I think the closest thing we have right now is the Test Case Run History by Project. This shows you the history of each test case, when it passed, when it failed, when it passed again, when it failed again.

    We're working on major enhancements to Test Management - I'll make note of the your report suggestion.

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    Thanks Barbara.

    Otherwise it would be helpful to be able to see the lifecycle of test cases, and be able to summarise these?  We tend to retest quite quickly so any failed test cases have defects raised, get fixed, and then get retested and passed (and the defect closed) quite quickly, which makes it more difficult to include these in our test reports.

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    I'm certainly no expert, but I do think this may work...

    Assuming you auto generate defects on test failure, the "History" tab in a test case will contain the text "...Defect xx: This test case failed so defect..." and so on..

    So, you could create a custom chart with drilldowns etc and use an SQL query to select these test cases for you. I've checked this SQL and it seems to work for me, but I'm yet to create the custom chart - I guess this is something the SmartBear guys can help with..

    Select * FROM dbo.View_TestCases WHERE ProjId = xxxxx AND NotesDescription LIKE '%This Test case failed%' AND StatusCode='Passed'

    Including StatusCode='Passed' in the query will only return records with a current status of passed but they would have failed at some point in the past.

    Hope this helps..