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14 years ago

Red and Green colors for "defects" status


 I have to modify "status" names of my Defects workflow, localizing them for Italian users (and for compatibilty with our QA rules).

 Since I suppose that colors in AlmComplete Issues (in listings) could depend on their "status" name (ie, their English names) , I'd like to know which are the current "color" rules applied by AlmComplete; so hopefully I could respect them.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Sergio,

    The color coding is based on the Finish Date - not status - so you can easily see if you are behind on follow up on a Defect (or any other item)

    If the Estimated Finish Date is today, the item is green.

    If the Estimated Finish Date is in the past, and percent complete is not 100, the item is red.

    Everything else is plain black text.

    Hope that helps!
  • OK.

    Which are the rules for other kinds of Issue? Are they the same?

    I've not seen these rules in .pdf manual, but I may be wrong...

    Best Regards
  • Hi Sergio,

    Yes, the color rules are the same across entities. Basically we check to see if the task is due based on the date and if it is complete based on percent complete.
  • Hi

    I've noted that for "Test cases", if I set the status as "Passed", without touching any other field, then the row in the listing becomes green. If "failed" it becomes red. I've left the english words, even if I translated other field-values in Italian.

  • Hi Sergio,

    Yes, we set triggers based on specific values in Status fields - all in English!  I think a nice enhancement would be to let you decide which specific words cause the actions.