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7 years ago

QAComplete Integration with JIRA

Hello everyone,

My company has been using JIRA for few Years. Company got QAComplete but never used and I help setup and start using and training other testers on QAComplete (in past we use Word and EXCEL). Currently we Copy Pasting Requirements from JIRA in to QAComplete and doing vise-versa for Defects. All this will be solved using QAComplete and JIRA Integration ( I know how to set it up for most part)

Background Info: It's a Small Company. Just a brief understanding about how my company been doing SDLC. JIRA has the Stories with Acceptance Criteria. Testers will created One Test Case (instead of multiple test cases) that will test all different scenarios for that one JIRA Story. We upload Print Friendly version of Test Cases and Test Log Result in JIRA Story. Our Test Library in QAComplete looks exact same as Requirements in QAComplete with same folder structures, fields, etc... (keep in mind, company will not going to change their ways, I already tried)

My Questions:
1. We do mostly Manual Testing, Is there a way for us to Import our Test Run Result straight into JIRA Story(requirement that is being test) using Integration only?
2. Is there a way for Integration to upload Test and its Steps into JIRA point?

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    Hi Nirav,


    Thank you for your post. QAComplete - Jira integration allows synchronizing only QAC defects and requirements with Jira items. So, unfortunately, there is no way to synch Test Run Results with a Jira Story, unless you add it to a requirement or defect.

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    Regarding your 2nd question,  we have been successful in porting QAC Tests (with test steps) into Jira as a sub-task of the linked requirement/defect (in QAC) using OPSHub.


    If this is what you are wanting to do, message me and I will try to help you through it.