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10 years ago

QAComplete 9.9.5 is available for you!

Greetings Community,


QAComplete 9.9 has been released. You can now manage your automated testing and your manual testing in one easy-to-use interface.

The release includes the following improvements:

  • An update to the Test Agent provides xUnit test integration with Test Management for NUnit and JUnit. Download the new Test Agent here

  • Manage your manual and automated tests, including Selenium automated tests, JUnit unit tests or NUnit unit tests from one centralized place. Selenium automated tests created with JUnit and NUnit frameworks are supported.

  • Report on manual and automated tests, including Selenium, JUnit and NUnit tests from Test Management.

  • You can also integrate your Selenium tests with TestComplete 10.5, and then integrate your TestComplete projects with Test Management.

                - Selenium tests created for the following frameworks are supported in TestComplete:

JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, PyUnit, Ruby, and PHPUnit.

                - You can now run unit tests created with named frameworks along with other TestComplete tests in TestComplete 10.50.

Please refer to this page to find more information.


Enjoy Testing!

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