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QA Complete and Test Complete Integration


I have two queries on QA Complete and Test Complete Integration

Query1: I installed the required Agent for Bridging Connection between QA Complete and Test Complete(Agent20.exe). I was able to zip up the project suite and Add it to one of Test cases I created under Test Library in QA Complete. The run went fine with Test complete getting invoked, running the test and closing it. Now if i have 10 keyword test cases under my project suite its still mapped to single test case in QA Complete. Is there a way by which we can create multiple Test cases and link it one suite under QA Complete.



Query2. We have a hybrid framework  using VB scripting that we have customized on Test Complete. Now the test run happens in batch and the results are updated in an Excel Report. Is there a way by which we can tell the code to directly update the results in QA Complete for that particular testcase. Like we have in QTP->ALM


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    QAC provide a possibility to run a specific keyword test of your TestComplete project suite. To do this you need to specify the Entry Point (path to the item) on the Automations tab. Here is an example of the Entry Point to a keyword test: 


    where the Test1 is a keyword test in the TestProject1 project.

    If you have 10 keyword tests in your project, you need to create 10 different test in the QAC Test Library and add Automations with a specific Entry Point to them. You can combine this tests in a Test Set.

    Please refer to the Assigning TestComplete Tests to Tests article for details.



    You need to create an automated test in QAC. After the test run is complete, the test runner will post the top level of detail from the automated test result. TestComplete log is uploaded in two formats (tcLogX and MHT). Also, you can view test run results in the Run History.



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      Thanks for the input.My framework doesn't have keyword test. It uses scripts.

      I am sharing the code by which I am able to retrieve information from QA Complete using Rest API using Get request. I am unable to Update the result in QA Complete

      Sub Main()

      Dim restReq, url, userName, password


      Set restReq = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")


      ' Replace <node> with the address of your INSTEON device

      ' Additionally, any REST command will work here

      url = ""

      url = ""

      ' If auth is required, replace the userName and password values

      ' with the ones you use on your ISY

      userName = ""

      password = ""


      restReq.Open "GET", url, False, userName, password




      MsgBox restReq.responseText






      End Sub



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        To set the test status, you need to send a PATCH request to a URL containing the host ID, test run ID and test’s sequence number. To upload a test log, you can make an API call using the test’s sequence number, test run ID and host ID.

        Please refer to the section 6 in this article for details:

        Detailed info about Automation REST API operations can be found here:


        Could you please clarify your question and give more details?

        - What operation do you use

        - What error do you get?

        - Please provide us with the script that you use.


        Please note that the user account, which is used to authenticate when connecting to the REST service, must have the "Allow editing Steps during Test Run" permissions: I.e. when a test is run under this account, the following buttons are available:



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