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12 years ago

Pausing an individual Test within a Test Set

Can you pause an individual test within a test set and resume it at a later date?

Currently we have a test with 120 steps. This can take 2 days to run and is done duing down time in between tasks. This test is in the test library and then assigned to a test set. A user ran half way through this test set, recording the details as they went, and then paused the test to be continued the next day.

When they resumed the test set the next day, they had lost all their data.

I ran a scenario and found you could have several tests within a test set. You can run one of these tests, and then pause the test set. You can then resume the other tests, while the detail of the first passed test is kept.

Is it possible to be able to just pause the individual test as well, and resume at a later date?

Thank you.

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    Sounds like this would have been good core functionality for them to include.  One of our engineers submitted a support ticket on this issue, and SmartBear support responded by saying "This is correct and working currently as the designed".

    Having data loss touted as an implemented feature of the tool is laughable at best, and intentionally reckless at worst.
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    I think this would also be a good feature - currently if large tests are used then it means you must complete the test or lose your data.