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11 years ago

Organizing user cases in Test Management

Hi All

In Test Management - > Test library I have a series of folders that divide up my testing effort.

As an example for one feature I have sub directories for UI, Functions, System, Performance and so forth.

But once I get to adding new test cases in a folder, I find it a challenge to organize them properly. In other words, I have test cases that I want to look at and create in a particular order.

As I organize the tests, I like to see the titles show a progression of tests from top to bottom.

One way I've organized my tests is by affixing UC# - to the title.

Such as:

TW-032 - UC1 Setup of user

TW-032 - UC10 Create new URL

and so forth.

This gets cumbersome when I want to 'insert' a test case between two existing ones.

I also thought about a new field called either "Test Order" or "Use Case". A drop down that could easily be changed.

Obviously when I create the test set, I can pick the order.

But I'm not creating a test set. I'm creating a series of tests that follow a logical path.

And I want to see that path develop in my library as I create the tests.

So, Dear Readers, how do you solve this issue?

Your comments are appreciated.


Stephanie Beach
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