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11 years ago

Multiple Steps in a Test Case ALWAYS resulting in an Individual Test Case on Import

I have tried literally everything and now at my wits end.

I'm editing an excel sheet for import and saving to .csv format.  Field name mapping is fine and data coming through correctly except that no matter what I do.....mutiple steps in a test (in separate excel rows) ALWAYS result in a multiple test cases with just 1 step in each.  

My template is attached.  I'm working on a mac and whilst I understand a mac may have implication on the Improt Profile 1 due to a non windows carriage return/line break anomaly, I have no reason to believe that a mac would have any bearing on a .csv for import using Import Profile 2 which I have now been switched to.

This is drivng me nuts.  Please help.

**edited to add....actually this forum is not allowing me to upload my .csv so...great....but managed to upload 2 images....first one is the left most half of my sheet and the second one is the right hand half of my template....thnx

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  • Hi James,

    If I remember correctly I assisted you with the import from .csv on support ticket # 802234. Please let me know if you still need assistant with this forum post, thank you.

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    I am new to QA Complete and having this exact same problem.  I have followed the directions in the User Guide exactly and tried it twice.  Can you post the solution so that I and others can figure out what to do?

    Thank you!