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11 years ago

Moving Existing Requirements to a Project Release

I have imported a set of over 100 requirements for a project and found that they are not tied to a Project Release.  Is there a way to tie these requiements to a specific project release in bulk?

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  • Hi Bryan,

    We had the same inquiry and could not find the answer. I will report a SmartBear ticket about it.

    If you find any other way, please post back on the forum !


  • Hello Bryan,

    SmartBear QAComplete technical support gave me an answer about this and I was really happy to see that it was possible to link multiple Requirements to a Single Release in ONE STEP !

    See the screencast:

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      I can't find the "Link Items" Icon next to the releases.

      Is it something that has privileges? What do I need to do to display it?