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14 years ago

Lost Estimates and Percentage Complete when Building Project Plan


I tried create a
project plan. I was building project plan from existing requirements (using the wizard). The requirements had estimations and % complete entries. After I created the project plan, I removed the items that were included to start again. At some point, I noticed that all of the requirements no longer have the estimate and % complete values. they are now zeroed out.  Also, the grid that displays them is green (not sure what this indicates, perhaps linked? ).

Is there a way to recover this information?

 -- xavier

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  • Hi Xavier,

    I looked at your account and it looks like you have several project plans, I was not sure what project plan you had this issue on.  Also, I would to get our support team involved to better help you.  Do you mind filling out a support ticket at  In the ticket, include what the name of the project and project plan was so that they can go back and look at the history of that plan.   If you can include requirement Ids or Titles, that might help diagnose it as well.

    Thanks Xavier.