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8 years ago

Jira defects from multiple projects.

Hello everyone,


We are currently trying to sync QA Complete with Jira, the idea is having one project on QAC (where all the testers will be working) connected to multiple Jira Projects. The problem is that we haven't found a way to differentiate all the projects in QAC, so if the tester A creates a bug, it goes to the specific project that tester is working on. Any advice?

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    Thank you for your post!

    Currently, you can synchronize one QAC project with several Jira projects. If you add a defect (or requirement) in QAC, this defect will be added to all mapped Jira projects. Unfortunately, now, there is no option to choose a specific project in Jira, where you want to add a defect. But, you can post the idea to the QAComplete Feature Requests area of our Community:

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      Well, that is disappointing, if you can't differentiate all the different projects, then synchronizing one on QAC to many on Jira is just a gimmick, nobody wants to just duplicate information messing the backlogs. Hope it gets fixed soon.


      Thanks for the reply either way.