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12 years ago

Issue with QA Complete Integration with Test Complete

I Installed Automation Bridge and sucessfully registered QA Complete Project with Test Complete Project

Then i went to Automation scheduler of  QA Complete .No Data has been populated for Automation Type,Host name.....

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  • Hi Rakesh

    I have the same issue as described by you  for installing Automated Bridge, my connection is sucessfully registered  but no data ispopulated

    I even opened a support Ticket  but havent received any feedback.

    Could you please help



  • Hello Rakesh ,

    -If you are still experiencing this issue, we would liketo help. Please submit a ticket using the Help Center link in QAC.  Also,

    - Mamatha Thumma is your ticket still open? If so what is your ticket number? I will love to help also. .



    Ben Jean-Louis

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    After dealing with this issue and QA Complete support I can tell you this is a known issue. There is even a document that is now shared by the support team with users who open a ticket to show you how to fix it. More than likely the automation bridge extension is not installed in whatever application the tests are running in (Test Complete or Test Execute). I've seen this same issue a few times here now after installing Test Execute. Open up the application you run tests with (TC or TE) and go to the install extensions option. Make sure the automated bridge extension is installed, if it is not then add it manually.