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7 years ago

Importing a large CSV file creates havoc

Before I started I had 193 tests in a group called Active and 9 tests in a group called New

I Imported CSV file with 1771 lines

I hit the Import Now button at 11:48 am (would be nice if there was some indication that it was “doing” something (revolving hourglass etc)

After a while I started getting multiple confirmation emails.

First was at 11:51 with Import ID 20143781

and another at 11:54 with a DIFFERENT Import ID 20143782

and another at 11:58 with a DIFFERENT Import ID 20143783,

and another at 12:00 with a DIFFERENT Import ID 20143784,

and another at 12:04 with a DIFFERENT Import ID 20143785,

and another at 12:07 with a DIFFERENT Import ID 20143786

The import screen was still displayed the whole time, never moved on to the “completed” screen which gives me the Import ID

Seemed to be stuck in a loop.


After the 6th email, I finally clicked the Refresh button to try to stop the madness.

Refresh took 3 minutes, and then got ANOTHER Import Confirmation email, with yet ANOTHER Import ID 20143787.

This is now a total of 7 confirmation emails and 7 different Import IDs.


I NEVER received the ‘Import complete’ confirmation screen with an Import ID, just took me to the Test Library main page and now – yes you guessed right – I have WAY more than 1771 tests. I have 12,390 tests in a group called Blank

Not quite sure how the math was done, but if it really imported 1771 tests 7 different times, then the count would be 12,397, but I won’t split hairs LOL


Is there a size limit on the CSV file? If so, should be stated some place.


Also, I think I will need your help at deleting these 12k+ tests!

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    There should be no limits of a count of importing items. I have managed to successfully import more than 2000 tests. It would be great if you can provide us with your CSV file, so we can check it. The file could include some special symbols which cause the issue. You can open a new support case here: and attach the problematic file to the case.


    Don't forget that importing tests depends on an Import Profile: Importing and Exporting Tests


    You can easily delete imported items by using the "Delete Imported Batches" option under Setup > Import > Delete Imported Batches. First, you need to select an imported data type and then an "Import ID", which you receive in emails.

    Also, you can delete items by using the "Delete multiple items" option under Test Management > Actions > Fast Edit > Delete multiple items.

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      Just to be clear, the file DID IMPORT, it just kept on importing - 6 times -- and the "import screen" never went away/I never received the "import completed" screen (which then gives me the import ID) until I finally hit the "refresh" button.

      By then I received 6 import successful email with 6 different import IDs.  AND it imported 12,390 tests. 


      So the problem is that it kept on importing.

      The file is attached and it is very simple.


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        Thank you for sharing your file. I was able to successfully import tests from your file. Maybe, it was a temporary issue.

        Can you replicate the same behavior with another file? Also, please try importing the provided file again.