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7 years ago

How to integrate QAComplete, Selenium and Bitbucket Repository ?

Hi Team,


I am using Bitbucket repository to store Selenium script. I gave GIT repository path to file path in Automation Test Agent in QA Complete Tool. Normally, Username and Password is required to clone script from Bitbucket GIT repository because It is a private repository.  Where will i give GIT repository user name and password to Automation Test Agent (QA Complete Tool) ? Please find the attached screenshot.


Sample Bitbucket private repository :

It is a private repository  





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    Hi Poovaraj,


    Currently, QAComplete Test Management doesn't integrate with any Version Control systems. The only supported ways of assigning a project to an Automation are:
    1.  Attaching the zipped project.
    2. Specifying a full path (local or network one without providing credentials) to the project.

    We already have a feature request for supporting integration with Version Control systems, and I've increased the request's rating.

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      Thanks for your response

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    Has this feature request been implemented? If so, please provide additional information. If not, is there a link to track the standing of this and other feature requests?