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13 years ago

How to hide the fields in Defect Module


During the tool conversion, we got so many fields in Defect Module. I want to hide them first, eventually we will delete afterwards.

I searched for the option to hide them initially, but I could not find any.

I know there is option through Workflow and State transitions.

But, I am looking for the option to hide them totally, not based on workflow and its statuses.

Hope, you understand my question.

Please help me out with this request.

Thanks and Regards,

Ananthi Ramachandran

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  • Hi Ananthi -

    You can change the fields that display on the Add/Edit form under Screen Layouts (as long as you have the security permission to do so).

    Go to Setup / System Configuration / Screen Layouts.

    Select the desired module.

    Select the Add/Edit screen tab.

    About Screen Layouts

    You can also set the default columns on the listing screen, but each user can modify the columns for themselves.

    The changes you make to the Add/Edit screen affect all users.