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9 years ago

How to follow up on failed test run

As a manager overseeing multiple teams of staff running manual tests within test sets, I want to be able to identify tests which fail (against a given release and environment) yet which are subsequently  tested and pass, without having to monitor (via report or searches) failed tests, then opening the test record manually and looking for any successful test runs after the fail. Along the same line, I also need to monitor those tests which failed and haven't yet been re-run yet, or which have re-run and haven't passed yet.


Any suggestions?...I'd be willing to entertain suggestions using Crystal reports if someone can provide some details.



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  • Hello John,


    You could try enabling the Test Runs email alerts (Home > Email Alerts > Run History), would that help?
    The only other option I can think of is the Ad-hoc Detail Test Runs Report, where you can pull results for specific Releases and dates.


    Thank you,