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8 years ago

How do you show more than 5 items on the Test Runs by Test Set Dashboard

I am trying to create a dashboard that shows all the test sets that need to be executed for the current release.  I want to show this by test set, but a second one by assignee.  I have created the two dashboards, but they dont show all the tests sets, or all the assignees and I am not sure why.


Can you help?


I can see it by test last run, but that gives me the details for the last release and not the current one.

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    Hi Simon,


    Test Sets which are linked to a release will be displayed on the "Test runs by Test Set" and "Test Runs by Assignee" dashboards with the Release filter only after you run and finish your tests under the linked release. If you just link your Test Set to a release and don't run it, Test Runs won't be shown on a Dashboard.

    We have a corresponding task in our DB to improve the existing reports. In the meantime I recommend that you look into the following reports:
    - Test Coverage Run Summary by Test Set (;
    - Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set (



    Customer Care Team