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13 years ago

Folders within Test Cases and Defects


We currently use folders with projects for organising test cases and defects.  Is it possible when raising a defect from a test case for the defect to be automatically placed in the relevant folder?  Currently you have to manually move the linked defect into it's folder.


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  • Hi Andrew -

    With the older Test Case function, sorry, no - there's no relation between the Test Case folder and the Defect folder, so you end up editing the Defect and moving it to the correct folder.

    But with the new Test Management feature you can use the "Add Linked Item" function to create the new Defect. The Defect opens up directly in an Edit form so you can make any changes, put it in the correct folder, whatever you need to do, and it will be automatically linked up.

    Also, with the new Test Management and Releases features, you can fail a Test during a Test Run and automatically create a Defect - and the same Edit form opens so you can do whatever you need to the Defect, and everything is automatically linked up.

    If you haven't checked out the latest features, please visit What's New in ALMComplete.