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12 years ago

Filter and update capability for test steps

It would be enormously helpful to us to be able to search for all test steps containing a string (for example, "Click Submit button") and then with one command change all occurrences of that string (for example, change all occurrences of "Click Submit button" to "Click Apply button"). 

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    I requested the search abaility (but not the replace feature). It seems SmartBear hasn't been too active monitoring their own forums lately, so I'm going to just paste in the response they sent me last month:

    • We have developed the requirements for this, but the implementation is not in the near term.  It will be part of an overall redesign of the ease of use features for TestManagement.  A release date has not been identified.

    I'd encourage you to send them a support request requesting replacing text, since I beleive that is primarily how they prioritize their enhancements..