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9 years ago

Daylight savings time problem with automated tests

Looks like i'm having a bit of an issue after the time change.

Our test schedule starts at 2am but the tests are actually running at 1am instead. I checked all the time settings on the machines involved and they all seem to be correct. However when I look at the test log it shows it starting at 1am. 

I made sure qacomplete is set to the right timezone as well.

Run History shows when the test was last runTest Report shows it ran at 1:13!

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  • Hey Matt,


    is this still happening?  Also, what deployment (SaaS or On Premise) and versoin (#) are you running?



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      Yes its still an issue. Our workaround was to bump our test schedule up an hour. 


      We are using the on prem version 10.2.63. I was going to create a support ticket for it but i havent gotten around to it yet.

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        Hi Matt,


        Thanks for the info.  


        Yes, please open a ticket with support and we'll get this looked into.  It sounds like you have a 100% reproducible case so that should help.