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14 years ago

Automation Bridge Error : "Web service is not available"

I am trying to
use the ALM Complete.  We are using TC 8.5.  I have installed everything
that's required according to instructions.

We have our projects
sitting on a remote desktop hence we installed the Automated Testing
Bridge Data Source utility on remote desktop.

When we try to fill in details on software planner register window we get msg Web service is not available.

Just to confirm :

Web service add:

user name: email add of software planner

PWD: PWD of spftware planner

When we click on load project we get that error "Web service is not available. "

Am i missing any steps.

I are evaluating ALM complete and more interested in using the automation scheduler. But we are stuck with that error.

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  • Hi Sumit,

    Are you by any chance using a proxy? The webservice isn't compatible with going through a proxy, so if you can avoid that, it might help.

    If that's not the case - would you mind posting a Support Ticket for our Support Team? Some screen shots of the registration, configuration, etc. will help us trouble shoot, and you do get free support with your ALMComplete trial: and click on Create Support Ticket - Thanks!